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Career Opening: Global Business Development Manager 

Apply via email to careers@corlison.com

Hello. This is Andy Ong, Managing Director at Corlison / Pearlie White.

This is not a usual job posting because this is not a usual job position and the successful candidate will need to have certain unique attributes. Plus the candidate will be my closest working partner here so I thought I'd better write this job ad personally.

Firstly, let's get into who we are.

Who we are

Corlison is a fully Singapore owned personal/health care distributor. We also own Pearlie White, which is the only Singapore oral care brand and the only oral care brand that manufactures in our country. We are a unique hybrid of local distributor and global brand owner.

The products we market are used by consumers every day. And we get these into their hands via traditional/digital retailers locally, and specifically for Pearlie White, globally.

Learn more about the two here www.corlison.com and www.pearliewhite.com

Secondly, let's give you more info in the position and the package.

What's the position and package

We are looking to add a Global Business Development Manager to our team.

The package starts with a basic salary of SGD7,000 which scales up to infinity.

In your long term career with us, you will get paid nothing less than 3% of any new and continuing business from new accounts/customers/distributors/partners/principals/retailers etc  that you bring. The business form these stays with you forever.

So yes that means if you are able to build business that amounts to an average of SGD500k monthly, your package will go up to SGD15k monthly. At SGD1mil monthly, it will be SGD30k monthly.

And if you are working in a large company presently and delivering such numbers, you will know you are not being remunerated at this ratio and never will. So we hope this piques your interest.

Let's get to what you need to do here.

What you are required to do

This is a true business development role and you will generate new business as follows.

  1. For Pearlie White: Getting distributors (or direct to retailers) in NEW countries and growing the business with them. This will be your primary responsibility here.

  2. For Corlison: Either convince EXISTING personal/health care brands already in the Singapore marketplace to partner with us to grow their business. Or get established and large market capitalized brands whom have yet to enter our marketplace to partner with us to grow their business.

    So why do we need to add a new team member to do this. Don't we know how to do this already?

     Why we need you

    We do not lack talent here. You will be working with a combination of the most experienced and most creative in the FMCG business when you join us.

    What we lack are connections. Especially overseas connections.

    And that leads us to what will nab you this position.

    What will get you this position

    For this position:

    1. It's more important whom you know than what you know. Connections and your influence over those connections is key. Everything else can be learned.

    2. It's more important to do things differently than the same. Extreme creativity in negotiations is to be expected and the options are endless because we are both brand owner globally and distributor locally. The way we approach any new business is different from just a brand owner or just a distributor. And many a time we are approached because of this uniqueness as well.

    3. It's about long term relationships with people rather than companies. Your customers/partners are companies but the larger potential lies in the people whom work in these companies. They will advance in their careers and whether they bring us business when they advance in their current company or a new one, will depend largely on how you have built your relationship and supported their growth over the years.

    Next, I will add in some realities if you wish to take on this position.

    The realities of this position

    1. You will not succeed in this position if you do not bring with you existing connections  and do not have sufficient influence over these connections to bring new business. The team here already manages our current business well. They do not need your help here. Rather they are prepared to help and support you in your quest for new business. When you succeed, they succeed too and are equally rewarded.

    2. You will need to be open to, and learn to, do things differently and creatively. It is unlikely that you would have worked in a company like ours. There are few companies that operate both as brand owner and distributor and even less whom have manufacturing facilities in our country.

    3. And if you have the same passion as the team and I have here for what we are trying to achieve, then it will be hard to take your mind off work, even when you are off work.

    Finally, I am sure you will ask "What's there to be passionate about? Isn't it just dollars and cents?"

    What it all comes down to

    Everything we do here, leads to one single objective.That is to grow in both size and experience to create the one thing that still eludes our country.

    And that is a Singapore owned brand. That makes a product/s exclusively in our country. And that people across the world use every single day.

    We are aiming to make history. We are aiming to win one for our country. Majulah Singapura.

    Yours sincerely,

    Andy Ong, Managing Director, Corlison / Pearlie White

    Apply via email to careers@corlison.com