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Your Merchandising = Fail

Landscape display to portrait (or worse) sideways display?
Stocks sold out – And your space now occupied by your competitors’ products (or worse) even your price ticket is gone? Top shelf display at 100 stores for 2 weeks but takes your team 2 weeks to set up?
When you ask in-store staff about your merchandiser’s performance and they reply “Who’s that?”
When you ask your merchandiser “Why don’t you visit more often”. She/he replies “It’s just one me covering the whole of Singapore. What do you expect.” And quits the next day.

Simple. The above happens because with just a merchandising team size of a few; you cannot beat the bigger brands/distributors with dozens.

Their merchandisers are at the outlets more often than yours are. They form better relationships with in-store staff. They set up faster than you. They do everything better than you because they have the numbers.

And the worse thing is; you know with the way the Singapore retail scene is going; you are not going to add any more merchandising staff. If you wanted to increase headcount, you would be doing it in digital marketing or export team members instead.

What if you could have the same merchandising strength as your larger competition without increasing your budget allocation for merchandisers.

Or what if you wanted to have the same merchandising effectiveness you have now but wanted to cut your budget allocation for merchandisers so that you can redirect that to other higher revenue generating areas like export execs/managers.

Now you can with our Co-Merchandising Service.

Get all the below without adding headcount or increasing your merchandising budget

  1. More outlet coverage per day/week/month
  2. Increased frequency of outlet coverage
  3. Better displayed stocks on-shelf
  4. Immediate updates of problem on-shelf situations
  5. Faster promo display set up
  6. Reduce competitor on-shelf position interference
  7. Weekly report with details of outlets covered, stock levels at each outlet and photos of both your displays as well as your competitors
  8. More frequent interaction and support provided to in-store personnel for your brand resulting in better relationships and results.

Ready to improve your merchandising efficiency with no increase in cost? Call us at: 98209938 or email us at: