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Digital Partnership

Drive Online Branding and Revenue Now

Ready to get your digital business going more cost effectively and efficiently? Call us at: 98209938 or email us at: digital@corlison.com

Your Current Digital Competence = Not Good Enough

So you’ve decided to dip your feet into selling and promoting your products online. But by now, you know that the one do-it-all digital marketing executive you’ve hired is not going to be enough. You need a full team that can handle online selling, online marketing, customer service, order fulfilment, warehousing, invoicing etc. But you haven’t got the budget for it.

Or you’ve outsourced your online business but the outsourced online service providers are charging fees and commissions that are eating into your margins and hampering your ability to run aggressive digital promotions and campaigns. Plus you know that once you stop using their services, they are going to cut you straight off. You will lose all your digital assets and worse of all customer and transaction history. Ouch.

The Solution and The Benefits of Corlison’s Digital Partnership Solution


Let’s bring the key benefits up front.

  1. Whatever you’re doing digitally now = We can do it at a better cost and at a faster pace.
  2. Everything we do = Yours. Meaning all e-marketplace/platform accounts, all social media accounts, all customer info, all transaction data etc is in your possession at all times.
  3. You get paid before we do. All revenue and sales goes to your bank account directly. You can pay us later.
  4. Focused on your objectives. Be your priority to generate revenue online or to generate interest online for offline sales = Our services can be tailored to achieve your goals.
  5. No contractual durations for use of our services. Find something better? No problem and switch as you like.


We are able to provide the below services that encompasses the entire “Digital” arena of your business.

  1. Run your online sales business and promotions on all marketplaces and platforms
  2. Run your digital marketing campaigns from search ads to display network ads to video ads to email marketing to affiliate programmes etc
  3. Run your social media accounts and marketing campaigns
  4. Respond to customer enquiries and requests
  5. Warehouse and deliver your products.

Our team comprises digital marketing executives, online sales executives, graphic designers, programmers and operations/logistics/warehouse teams. We have a GDPMDS and Bizsafe Level 3 certified warehousing facility and fulfilment capabilities. All ready to meet your requirements.

Ready to get your digital business going more effectively and efficiently?
Call us at: 98209938 or email us at: digital@corlison.com