Ready to start selling your products online? Want to better or more cost effectively manage your online product sales in Singapore?
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Corlison is not an ecommerce service provider and we do not rely on services for revenue or profit.
Rather we are a brand owner / distributor just like you. ( Learn more about us here) as such our objectives are different.

This is Singapore and there are two certainties for Singapore consumer goods brand owners or distributors. With just 30,000 new Singaporeans born each year:

  1. This is the fastest shrinking market in Asia for consumer goods. This is not a problem as we focus on selling/marketing more to consumers in larger and faster growing countries.

  2. The main problem is that there is no one left to work for you here in Singapore. If you think it is hard to get talent now, just wait a couple of years. If you think it is expensive now, just wait a couple of years. It’s about to get significantly worse.

Collectively, the two factors combined mean one thing. Your ecommerce sales within Singapore is not going to be sufficient for you to cover expenses of having your own full-fledged team of ecommerce executives, order entry assistants, logistics executives, finance assistants, warehouse assistants etc

Our belief is that we all have to partner to achieve efficiencies and economies of scale for ecommerce sales in Singapore.

And as such, we all enjoy the advantages of scale and having backups in place.
Ecommerce executive on medical leave during 11/11 sales? No problem we have another four team members to pick up the slack.
Got a fantastic “700 separate orders day” that will take that one warehouse assistant a week to pick and destroy your seller rating? Don’t worry, we have eight team members to get it done in a day instead.

In fact, right now, “WE” have the biggest in-house ecommerce team of any distributor or brand owner of consumer goods in Singapore. Why? Because of the many partners on board with us. “WE”, the collective are the biggest.

Leveraging on that, we provide EVERYTHING you need to run your ecommerce operations efficiently and ecommerce sales effectively on all main e-marketplaces in Singapore including Lazada, Redmart, Shopee, Qoo10 and Amazon Prime.

These include but are not limited to:

  1. Setting Up of Shopfront within all e-marketplaces
  2. Listing Products
  3. Creating and Managing Sales Promotions
  4. Warehousing
  5. Inventory Management
  6. Invoicing Orders
  7. Picking and Packing
  8. Delivery Arrangement and Fulfilment
  9. Managing Returns
  10. Customer Support

Etc basically everything as if you had your own ecommerce operations department.

The deal is that we run your ecommerce operations for you at a fraction of the cost if you had to build your own ecommerce team.

If you are paying an outsourced ecommerce service provider a certain fixed amount, or they are taking whatever margins from each sale from you = We would cost less and take less. Effectively we undercut all service providers.

If you are thinking about hiring a single ecommerce executive = don’t. One is not enough and one will not stay. Provide us what you would have paid for that person’s salary and we’ll hire and add to the collective team instead.

Because again = This is not for profit. It is a partnership for scale and survival in Singapore.

  1. Lowest cost versus any other service providers’ offerings. We do not rely on this for revenue/profits. We are partnering for scale.

  2. Comprehensive service covering all aspects of ecommerce operations even down to warehousing of products, providing customer service, planning and implementing promotions etc.

  3. We actively work with you to drive visibility and sales, and most importantly we are here to make sure you get top rating on the emarketplace.

  4. Real people in a real office locally and a 100% Singaporean team. We have the largest ecommerce team of any brand owner or distributor in Singapore.

  5. We work “as part of your team”. Your customers, partners, principals etc will not know we are your partner. We do not need the recognition and we do not derive sales/profits from acquiring more partners.

  6. We do not store any of your customer data.

  7. All sales on marketplace gets paid to your bank accounts directly. We do not receive revenue from your sales.

  8. Start/stop at any time. No contracts. If you do not feel what we provide is of use, or if you have grown to a size where you can afford your own large ecommerce team, you can stop partnering with us immediately.

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