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003 Aloe

003 Aloe


Wet And Wild — The 003 Aloe condom differs from other condoms by having a lubricant that is water based versus the traditional silicone or jelly based lubricant. This allows the condom to provide a much smoother feel during intercourse. Additionally, the water based lubricant does away with the messy and sticky experience on fingers associated with putting on a condom with silicone or jelly based lubricants. It also washes off easier, leaving no sticky residue.

• Unique water based lubricant
• Aloe Essence for sensitive skin
• Thinnest latex condom for maximum feel
• Easy on
• No rubber smell
• Reliability and peace of mind

Detailed Specs
Color Natural
Shape Reservoir-ended
Nominal Width 52 ± 2mm
Normal Length 180 ± 10mm
Made in Japan to ISO 4074:2002 standards and tested with precise electrostatic technology.