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003 Zero Zero Three Real Fit Condoms 4s


[Product Information]
Okamoto 003 Real Fit condoms are designed without a reservoir teat, contoured to hug your curves for a closer, more natural fit.
They roll on easy and don’t have any of that annoying rubber smell. So you stay on top of your game in the most natural way possible.
Every batch is meticulously tested to ensure they meet all quality control laws in Singapore. So you feel all the pleasure without the worry.

• No. 1 Brand in Japan
• Latex condom
• Real shaped with no reservoir teat
• Extra thin condom
• Contoured to hug curves for a closer and real fit.
• Natural coloured, latex material
• Reservoir-ended
• ISO 4074:2002 standards and tested with precise electrostatic technology.
• Made in Japan

1) The condom should be worn on the erected penis before it comes into contact with your partner's body
2) Open the packaging carefully to prevent condom from tearing due to rough handling
3) Place the condom at the tip of the penis and roll down to the base of the penis
4) Remove after the act of sexual intercourse and no further contact with partner

Change to a new condom if there is any damage, split, cut or hole