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Baby Bib Pastel Pink Purple 2s 4m+

Baby Bib Pastel Pink Purple 2s 4m+


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Twistshake's bib is manufactured from soft and comfortable plastic and the deep spill pocket catches food that goes outside the toddler's mouth.
Made of durable material means that the bib will retain its shape so the food does not spill out.
The neck strap is adaptable so that it can meet your child's needs.
The bib has a balanced size that prevents it from getting stuck under the table.

• Suitable for children 4 months and up
• Extra light and easy to keep clean
• Deep spill pocket that catches food
• Adaptable strap – the bib can grow with your baby
• PP & TPE premium plastic
• BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your child.
• Created by Canada

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