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Reusable Squeeze Bag 220ml Fruit Design 3s

Reusable Squeeze Bag 220ml Fruit Design 3s


[Product Information]
Avoid single-use products by filling a Twistshake Squeeze bag with tasty, nutritious meals for your child.
You can use home-made purées or smoothies made from fruits, berries and vegetables.
A refreshing, fruit purée for when your child is thirsty, or for a hungry child, or why not fill them up with a savoury porridge rich in iron?
The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating yummy fillings for your child's squeeze bag!

Store your squeeze bags in the freezer and take them out in the morning so they can thaw nicely, just before snack time.
Twistshake’s Squeeze bags are completely safe for cooler latitudes.
Why not have your own cool box at the bottom of the freezer where your child can join in and choose their favourite?
Write the contents on the freeze tape so that you do not forget their flavours!
Fill the squeeze bag all the way up to prevent unwanted air from reducing the shelf life and taste.
Feel free to add some lemon to the squeeze bags where appropriate, for a longer shelf life.

• Double ziplock ensures that the contents do not leak out into your bag.
• Refillable squeeze bags refill that is environmentally friendly
• Freezer safe
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your child.
• Created by Canada

Use as intended