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Anti-Colic Premium PP Baby Bottle 330ml Pastel Grey


[Product Information]
With its thoughtful shape and design, Twistshake's Baby Bottle creates a pleasant feeding time for you and your baby.
The baby bottle has the unique TwistFlow anti-colic system, which features an air valve and mixer net.
It counteracts colic with a steady flow that prevents unnecessary air from reaching your baby's sensitive stomach.
The baby bottle is of course, free from BPA and is made of quality-assured PP plastic so you can feel safe and secure with this product.

Twistshake's baby bottle comes with a nice surprise: a handy container in which you can prepare your baby's formula when you are going away with your baby.
It also serves as the perfect container for your baby's snacks such as vegetable sticks or fruit pieces, and is stackable for easy storage.

With an extra wide neck, Twistshake's baby bottle is easy to clean and refill, and has a grip-friendly, thick plastic design that holds heat longer.
The associated teat is made of 100% non-toxic silicone and has a round, soft shape that mimics a mother's breast.

• Made of premium polypropylene (PP)
• Teat - of silicone in size S (0 + m) with air valve.
• Mixer net that dissolves any lumps.
• Anti-colic baby bottle - Twistshake's flow system, TwistFlow, counteracts infant colic with its air valve and mixer net.
• Stackable smart container
• Extra-wide bottleneck for easy cleaning and refill.
• Ergonomically designed, grip-friendly for both babies and parents.
• BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your child.
• Created by Canada

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