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Pearlie White Denture Brush


There are times when you just can’t get tough plaque, stains and food stuck on your dentures out by soaking them in a denture cleansing solution. And using a regular toothbrush on teeth that are not in your mouth = Awkward.

Say hello to our two-way denture brush. It’s designed to be easy to grip and features a curved head on one side so it follows the natural contour of dentures when you are brushing it. And a pointed brush head to help clean better in between gaps of teeth.

And it’s gentle on dentures too as we made sure both brush heads come with polished end-rounded bristle tips.

Pointed Brush Head to Clean Between Gaps of Teeth
Curved Brush Head to Fit Natural Contours of Dentures
Polished End-Rounded Bristle Tips Makes Brushing Gentler on Dentures
Easy Grip Handle

Use pointed brush head to clean in between gaps of dentures
Use curved brush head to clean on flat surfaces of dentures