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Pearlie White BrushCare Slim Soft Toothbrush Triple Pack


Most people hardly ever think about toothbrushes but with us, it’s an obsession.

We're always looking for new and little ways to make them better. Like with BrushCare™ Slim.

It's got soft bristles that are so fine, they can brush away hidden plaque. The brush head isn't just compact, it’s oval shaped to go further. The handle has a non-slip grip. And there’s even a cover – so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Soft, Slim Microfine Bristles with Polished End-Rounded Tips
Gently protect your tooth enamel while brushing out plaque in small spaces and gum pockets.
Compact Oval Shaped Brush Head
Easily reaches tight spaces at the back of your mouth.
Slim, Long Neck
Provides maximum reach to all tooth surfaces.
Slim, Flat Handle with Non-slip Grip and Thumb Rest
Makes for comfortable handling while brushing, providing control and stability when things get wet
Toothbrush Cover
Keeps your toothbrush clean and prevents damage during travel.

Brush gently with short strokes. Pay more attention to areas around the gum line, teeth at the back, and areas around fillings, crowns or other dental restorations.
Begin by brushing the outer side of your teeth. First the upper teeth, then the lower. Next, brush the inner side of your upper teeth, followed by the inner side of your lower teeth. Finally, brush your molars (the chewing area of your teeth).
For fresher breath, make it a point to brush your tongue gently as well.