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Flosscare Floss Threaders With Storage Case 30s


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Flossing when you have braces?
Here come our Floss Threaders to the rescue!
We’ve made our threaders thin but firm so they are pliable enough to fit in tight gaps between teeth and appliance, yet strong enough to pull through without breaking.
You can thread our FlossCare™ flosses or any other brand of floss through our Floss Threaders which you can then pass under braces, bridges, implants and crowns.
What’s more, you can store or carry them around conveniently in the provided storage case.
So you’ll always have what you need to ensure you’ve got nothing stuck between your teeth.

• Flexible and Pliable Floss Threader that fits in tight gaps between teeth and appliance (braces, bridges, implants and crowns).
• Quality Material that pulls through without breaking.
• Storage Case which allows you to carry conveniently around in your pocket or purse.
• Animal-friendly, no testing on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Take approximately 16 inches of floss
Then pull 4 to 5 inches floss through the loop
And pass floss threader through space between teeth and under appliance
Remove floss threader from floss and begin flossing normally