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FlossPick Y | 2-IN-1 Premium Back Teeth Flosser

FlossPick Y | 2-IN-1 Premium Back Teeth Flosser


The Y-shaped flosser with an angled head makes flossing all the way back into your mouth as easy as the front. We understand you hate getting floss stuck in-between teeth, especially around tight gaps, so we’ve made the floss on our FlossPick Y™ smoother and shred-resistant. We know you want flossing to be done faster, so we incorporated floss with a wider cleaning surface area. And we know the last thing you want is to hurt your gums when you are giving your teeth a thorough clean, so we used a floss material that is softer and gentler to your gums. We also infused the floss with cavity preventing Fluoride and incorporated a textured pick end that you can use like a regular toothpick.


  • Angled Y-Shaped Head
    Allows for effective flossing of teeth at the back of the mouth
  • Smooth, Wide, Extra Gentle, Shred-Resistant Floss
    For effective and faster flossing that is gentle on gums.
  • Fluoride Coated 
    Helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Textured Pick End
    Acts like a toothpick for fast and easy removal of larger particles of food and plaque.
  • Resealable Bag
    Hygienically store and carry your FlossPicks with you wherever you go.
  • Animal Friendly
    Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin


  • For flossing:
    Guide the floss between your teeth. Gently glide it up and down, cleaning between the gum line.

  • For picking: 
    Gently use and in-and-out motion to clean teeth and stimulate gums. 

Dispose each FlossPick after use.