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FlossPicks | Value 2-IN-1 Basic Flosser

FlossPicks | Value 2-IN-1 Basic Flosser


Sometimes you just want us to keep it simple and offer great value. So that’s what we’ve done with our FlossPick Value variant. We’ve kept it simple - use one side as floss and the other as a tooth pick.

They’ve been designed to simply help remove food and plaque trapped in between teeth or around the gum line.


  • Angled floss position
    Easier and more convenient flossing.
  • Shred-resistant
    Specially manufactured to prevent shredding for hassle free flossing.
  • Curved pick
    Easier removal of plaque or food trapped between teeth. Also helps to stimulate gums.
  • Animal-friendly
    Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin. 


  • For flossing:
    Guide the floss between your teeth. Gently glide it back and forth, and up and down between each tooth.

  • For picking:
    Guide the curved pick into the space between your teeth. Gently use an in- and-out motion to clean teeth and stimulate gums.

Dispose each FlossPick after use.