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Method Dish Soap 532ml - Sea Breeze


empowering artists, uplifting communities.

featured artist // EDWARD WALTERS

our partnership with Creative Growth, a non-profit arts center for adults with disabilities, continues to flourish and bring much-deserved recognition to this incredible community of artists. for our next chapter with Creative Growth, we’ve paired four new pieces of artwork with four new limited edition fragrances. we hope this art collection inspires you as much as the artists inspire us.

what's that smell?

 sea breeze

a wonderful, watery wash of colors arranged in artful architectural shapes is echoed by a subtle, shimmering scent like cool ocean air.

ingredient what it does environmental + health summary learn more
water (aqua) diluent + solvent deionized for purity; extracted from abundant source
ethanol solvent biodegrades readily; fermented from plant sugars such as corn or sugar beets; not irritating to skin
glycerin moisturizer biodegrades readily; derived from plant sources; not irritating to skin
sodium chloride thickener derived from abundant mineral sources; the same material as table salt; safe for people (unless too much is eaten on potato chips)
sodium lauryl sulfate surfactant (cleaning agent) biodegrades readily; derived from coconut + palm oils; low skin irritation in use
lauramine oxide surfactant (cleaning agent) biodegrades readily; derived from coconut oil
citric acid optimizes pH levels biodegrades readily; derived from plant sugars such as corn
colorant colorant ultimately degradable + not accumulative in the environment; made from synthetic materials
fragrance (parfum) fragrance blended composition is partly essential oils + partly synthetic ingredients free of phthalates, NPEs + other dirty ingredients; non-toxic in use, free of carcinogens + tested for skin irritation + allergies
decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside surfactant (cleaning agent) biodegrades readily; derived from corn sugars, coconut or palm oil
methylisothiazolinone + methylchoroisothiazolinone preservative - prevents bacterial growth inherently biodegradable; made from synthetic materials; low skin + eye irritation