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Pearlie White Dental / Orthodontic Wax


Our orthodontic wax (also known as braces wax or relief wax) is used to temporarily cover sharp surfaces on braces. It helps relieve the irritation and pain experienced when wire or sharp ends on braces parts come into contact with the soft tissue inside the mouth.

Helps Relieve Discomfort From Irritation and Soreness
Provide a comfortable barrier from sharp ends of braces inside mouth.
Blends in with your teeth so that it is not visible.
Storage Case
Carry conveniently around in your pocket or purse.

Use after brushing your teeth and drying off braces by rolling some wax into a ball and pressing it over brackets, wires and any sharp ends on braces.
Making sure to reapply regularly after meals.
What’s more, you can store and carry the wax around conveniently in the provided storage case.