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Regular Certified Organic Cotton Tampons with BPA-Free Applicator 16s


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Best for light to moderate flow.
Rael Organic Cotton Tampons are scientifically formulated with certified organic cotton and housed in a slim BPA-free applicator for peak performance and comfort.
Made With responsibly sourced organic cotton from Texas for your peace of mind.
Made Without fragrance, pesticides, perfumes and harsh chemicals that irritate and inflame your intimate areas, disrupt your hormones, or expose you to carcinogens.

• Applicator features an ultra slim tip and smart grip technology for comfortable insertion
• Tampon features a leak locking technology and protective layer that prevents fibers from shedding
• Individually wrapped to sustain hygiene
• Made in Korea

Remove the protective cover.
Hold the tampon firmly with thumb and index finger on the outer tube (part where it goes into the vagina) of the tampon, and slide tampon into the vagina in a slight upward position.
Once the applicator is in, press your index finger to push the inner tube (the remaining tube out of the body) to expand tampon inside the vagina.
Then, remove the applicator.
The string should hang outside of your body.
For removal, gently pull the string attached to tampon in the same way you inserted.

Absorbent Core: 100% certified organic cotton
Applicator: BPA-Free
Does not contain dyes, fibers, fragrances, rayon, viscose or synthetics
No chemicals or chlorine bleaching