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Super Certified Organic Cotton Tampons with Plant-based Compact Applicator 18s


[Product Information]
Convenient compact applicator tampons made with organic cotton provides full period protection in a compact form.
Perfect for on-the-go.
Best for moderate to heavy flow, Rael super tampons have a regular absorbency and are non-irritant, toxin-free and chlorine-free.

• Tampon is made with OCS Certified 100% Organic Cotton
• Tampon expands to prevent leaking
• Housed in a smooth plant-based applicator with rounded tip for comfortable insertion. The applicator is designed to be compact using a pull-and-click mechanism. Perfect fit for purse or pocket.
• Individually wrapped

Extend plunger, insert tip, then push plunger until tampon sits comfortably.

100% Certified Organic Cotton (Core and Withdrawal Cord)
Plant-Based Applicator