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Full Circle Squeeze Cellulose Cloths

Full Circle Squeeze Cellulose Cloths


- Durable and reusable
- Reduces paper towel waste
- Tackles spills, dishes and household cleaning
- Set of 3 includes green, blue and yellow cloths
- Microwave and dishwasher safe for disinfecting

Paper towels seem downright silly after keeping these colorful cloths sink-side. They clean like a dream then can go straight in to your dishwasher to be used over and over again. Color-coded so you can use one at the sink, another for counters.
7.09" x 7.87" | 18cm x 20cm

These cleaning cloths will wipe up and soak in your spills in seconds. Just be sure that you wet the cloths before using.


At Full Circle, we’re committed to developing safer, more beautiful, super functional products that contribute to a healthier planet. Look for these icons on packaging and product pages to find the right solutions for your home.

Safe For You: All Full Circle products are made without harmful coatings, dyes, plastics and chemicals to make sure your family gets a healthier, BPA-free clean.

Earth Friendly: Clean is pretty dirty if it means being wasteful. That’s why our products use long-lasting, renewable, compostable or recycled resources whenever possible.

Responsible Living: From composting to nixing plastic water bottles, you make all the right choices for a more conscientious lifestyle. Our products just help make it a bit easier to tackle every day.

Intentional Design: Beauty means nothing without the brains to back it up. We design our products to be gorgeous and functional, including self-storage options and little extra feel-good details everywhere we can.

Replaceable: We design many of our products with parts you can replace once they’re looking a little less than fresh, extending the life cycle, saving resources and money.