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Vagisil® Ultra Fresh Feminine Powder 100g


Vagisil® Feminine Powder absorbs wetness and eliminates odour and bacteria in the vaginal area. With its unique odour-blocking formula, it helps to prevent odour and relieves chafing. Enriched with Vitamins A, D, E & Aloe, it has a light and fresh scent, and is safe to use on the external genital area and all over the body.

  • 100% talc-free, a natural corn-starch powder that absorbs moisture and odour from vaginal perspiration and discharge
  • A unique odour-blocking formula that helps keep odour from occurring
  • Leaves a dry, fresh and clean feel
  • Helps protect skin from chafing and irritation
  • Economy-sized bottle that is convenient for easy storage and travel

Use it daily after shower or as needed. Sprinkle on panties, panty liners or pads.

When to Use
Apply after bath or shower on the external genital area or sprinkle on panties, panty liners or pads for extra protection. Ideal for use as an all-over body powder, particularly under the breasts and on inner thighs. The powder can be used daily or whenever necessary, to prevent feminine odour and absorb wetness.