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All Operations Provisioned With Our Own Team/Equipment/Facilities.
NO Outsourcing.

Product Registration with Health Authorities | Importation and Customs Clearance | Warehousing | Post Importation Processing | Order Processing | Picking and Packing | Delivery | Payment Methods and Credit Terms | Reporting | Manufacturing Support

Product Registration with Health Authorities

Our team members have successfully registered over 400 different products in wide ranging categories such as personal care, cosmetics, medical devices (lowest to highest risk), therapeutic medication, aerosols and dispersants etc. This is full service, meaning we will check your products for compliance with local health regulations, perform actual registration, respond to any queries from the authority, advise on any regulatory changes and updates that affect your products, renew registrations each year etc.

In the unfortunate situation of any required product recalls, we will also be providing full service and procedures to complete the task efficiently and with haste.

Importation and Customs Clearance

All importation and customs clearance procedures will be handled by our operations team.

Our experience here extends from simple implements like a toothbrush to those requiring independent lab testing before products are allowed to be sold by the authorities such as medical related test kits.


We operate in a GDPMDS (good distribution practice for medical devices) certified facility that is audited yearly.

We have room temperature, air-conditioned and temperature controlled environments available.

Pallet racking for outer cartons and easy-pick shelving for inner cartons and pieces.

Full recording of batch number and  expiry dates.

First In First Out procedures and also, on applicable products, reprocessing of returned stocks that are not expired and good condition for resale.

Our warehouse is integrated with our office. Meaning our brand/sales managers have fast and direct access to your products, allowing them to have a true visual picture of the condition and availability of products, collaterals, and other assets at all times.

Post Importation Processing

Local regulations require most products to have expiry dates and batch numbers printed on them. Can’t comply? No problem as we have the equipment to print information directly on any shape/size of product/package or sticker accordingly.

Our warehouse team is also able to create banded packs, attach promotional collaterals like hang tags, re-label packaging or repackage into new packaging etc.

Order Processing

We are able to take orders via all platforms. Be it direct sales from our outdoor sales reps, phone-ins, fax-ins, emails, retailer electronic data interchanges, digital marketplaces etc.

We also have our own online ordering catalogue platform which allows smaller retailers and businesses to place orders based on pre-configured margins, bonus and loyalty programmes.

Order trail includes storage of batch numbers and expiry dates.

Picking and Packing

We pick, pack, ship in all configurations and sizes from individual pieces to container loads.


We deliver to individual consumers, to retail outlets, to large chain retailer centralized warehouses.

Our fleet of vehicles range from individual motorcycles to large 20 foot container trucks.

We also have reverse logistics capabilities from collecting returns from customers to exchanging faulty products with end consumers.

Payment Methods and Credit Terms

We offer payment terms to customers of good credit standing

We offer collection of payment via credit cards, cheques, cash, direct internet payments and even paypal.


Full reporting capabilities including breakdown of unit and dollar sales by store, by store category, by product, by product category over days/weeks/months/years.

Brand managers are able to further add rich detail and co-relate marketing and competitive activity impact over sales trends

Manufacturing Support

We have our own GMP certified manufacturing and R&D facility in Singapore that can manufacture products to your specifications or develop new products specifically for the local or wider ASEAN marketplace.

It is capable of producing small to high volume/batch quantities of liquid, cream, paste and spray format products in varying container (tube, bottles, spray canisters etc) and packaging types (box, blister card, sleeve etc)

This capability was developed in view of the requirements from many of our larger global principals who needed to adapt products to comply with ASEAN cosmetic/therapeutic regulations and also to take advantage of the ASEAN free trade agreement which abolishes all import duties for goods manufactured and shipped within the region.

Additionally, Singapore is renowned for high quality pharmaceutical manufacturing and also holds Free Trade Agreements with much of the developed world, allowing for obvious quality product association and financial benefits should products made here be shipped to other markets

Finally, the facility also allows for production of smaller batches of products in various formats for test marketing purposes within our country or the ASEAN region before full production and launch.