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Our Services

We Do It Like You Do It

A key difference of having Corlison as your distribution partner is that we do not operate like a traditional distributor.

Rather we operate like you, the brand owner, with full capabilities expected of one.

We have our own teams and divisions for traditional marketing, brand management,  digital and social media marketing, media planning, public relations, graphic and collateral design and production, operations, delivery and warehousing. We have even got our own product design and manufacturing support teams that run a compact GMP-audited manufacturing facility should you decide to want to make some of your products/samples in Singapore.

See us like a mirror of you in your home country; But localized to ensure that your success can be replicated vis-à-vis the different cultural, business, and consumer demands in our country and region.

Below is a list of comprehensive services we provide. Broadly classified into Operations, Distribution and  Consumer Demand Generation.

And as comprehensive as the services are, the most important point to note is that they will be provided seamlessly as your single point of contact will be an assigned brand manager.

And if that’s not enough, you always have 24/7 access to our directors/owners whom are all involved in management of the business.

All just one phone call or Skype video conference away.